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St. Jimmy's Coming...

February 17



I usually would make a banner but I am Photoshopped out lately. Sorry. :(


February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!


February 11

Hey everyone. The Grammy's are on tonight. Green Day and U2 are nominated for Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group for "The Saints Are Coming". Let's cross our fingers they win! The Grammy's start at 8:00.


January 13

Sorry for not updating guys. My brother had surgery so it has been crazy here.


So rather than posting tons of updates, go to The Green Day Authority and read the last 4 posts. I promise to update more often now. :)


January 3

Happy 2007 everyone! In celebration of the New Year, I have made a new layout. Hope y'all like it. :)

In Green Day news:

Billie Joe has given Good Charlotte some advice. Read the article here.  924 Gilman (the place where Green Day played in the early days) celebrated it's 20th anniversary on January 1st. Click here to read an article about it. It mentions Green Day.