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St. Jimmy's Coming...

    Here it is! The new layout! Hopefully the site is easier to navigate now. All the links are at the left. If there are any problems, please e-mail me with the link at the left. I will post updates here.


October 31

Well there is A LOT of Green Day news to catch up on so I'll start with the most exciting. The Saints Are Coming video is now available to watch on MTV's website. Click here to watch it. It is amazing! The single will be released at the beginning of November. posted the second part to the interview with Billie Joe about his guitars. Click here to watch it. There is a new DVD out about them called "Green Day's Kerplunk". It sounds like a biography type of thing. You can click here to go to and buy it. Green Day got a Spirit of Liberty Award. You can click here to go to You Tube and watch Billie Joe's acceptance speech. And that's pretty much it! But last but not least, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!